Voting at the polls

I can only assume, it must be this way at many polling places.  Recently, the Delmar, Delaware school district held a school board election.  As elections go, this was a rather boring election, even though the new blood won (out of the 2 candidates) , when it was over. 

Here’s what I experienced..  The polling place was held (as always) at the school board office, board room (where they hold their regular meetings).  There were a couple of voting machines.  With the machines, were at least 5 people to operate them.  If I remember correctly, less than 500 people voted all day.

With the exception of 2 poll employees,  they were mostly unfriendly and rude.  One of the 2 exceptions was a nice lady who sat closest to the door.  The other was a gentleman that assisted the voters into the machines and offered assistance (if needed) for how to operate the machines.  There were a row of tables with most of these employees sitting there trying to look busy. 

I can say, I have worked at a polling place several years ago. It was at the local fire house.   I was one of two males working there that day.  Most of the others were mean, older women, who grumbled and grunted at people all day long.  As I experienced it, it is a boring thankless job.  But, as jobs go, it did pay fairly well, in relation to what’s required.  And, people did provide decent food throughout the day. These old bags still work at this fire house, polling place.  It’s very unwelcoming.  Although this may seem crass, one of these woman has a severe hygiene (odor) problem.   This is just another reason to fulfill your constitutional right to vote.

Back to the School Board election..  One woman (second seat from the door) had her oversized butt slumped in a chair with her feet propped up in another chair, while she read a book.  As the first lady greeted me with “hi, can I see your photo ID”, the book-witch turned and gave me this look like “I’m trying to read here, you are bothering me” .  I was tempted to kick her chair out from under her rude butt.  The others appeared to just be bored to tears and didn’t know how to speak. 

I believe these polling place employees need some minor training in manners and how to treat their fellow citizens.  God forbid you ever interrupt their nap.



Yes, it matters what they say.

As a former broadcaster, it’s easy to pick up things said on TV and radio that I find extremely irritating.  20 or 30 years ago, I would brag about Baltimore’s TV stations.  I worked all over the country and rarely would I find a local TV market as sharp as that in Baltimore.  Sure, there’s a taste of prejudice there, but it was also a fact. 

Back then, the newscasts were written word by word.  Most of the newscasters and writers had a newspaper (writer’s) background.  The big league TV Reporters came from newspaper writing as well, including the incomparable, Edward R. Murrow.  They were word masters.  They had extensive vocabularies and knew how to use them. 

Today’s news is to appear hip.  It uses slang as if it’s 100% acceptable, when it isn’t.  More evidence of how today’s society continues to lower the bar.  It used to be, if and when a newscaster pre-read their material and came across a word with a tricky pronunciation, they’d check it in a dictionary.  If it was a colloquial term they would contact someone in that particular area and research it.  With today’s budgets and today’s less intelligent college grads, that’s too much work.   

Here’s some examples of  LIVE, ON AIR screw ups that never should’ve happened: 

Marianne Banister on WBAL 11  referring to the flooding spoke of  “Too- Neek-ah” (emphasis on neek), Mississippi  rather than Tune-ick-ah.  It’s spelled Tunica.  You’re probably saying “easy mistake”.  You’re right it is for an everyday person.  But, a broadcaster should know the difference.  I call it LAZY.

Rob Roblin  WBAL 11  reporting on a story about schools actually said the word “Kinnie-gar-din”  for kindergarten.  It should be pronounced just like it’s spelled…  kin-der-gar-ten.  Another lazy broadcaster.

Rod Daniels WBAL 11 Reporting about the Mississippi River flooding made the following statement:  “Tennessee is being devastated by flood waters for up to 40 miles, South of Memphis”.  Let’s look at a map Rod.  Memphis sits directly on the river.  The Southern city limit (border) of Memphis is up against the Northern border of the state of Mississippi.  Tennessee doesn’t exist South of Memphis.  Again you’re saying to yourself “easy mistake”.  It’s this stupidity in the media that has lowered the bar for the last 30 years that causes you to say “easy mistake”.  Instead the members of the media should be training themselves to project a little more intelligence.  That would allow them more respect from their audience.   


Aint He Cute?

As a public service, I’m taking a break from my routine and Howard has put down his dustpan for a few minutes to help with a lost dog announcement.

A relatively small, older dog has lost his way and taken up residence at the Delmar High School. He’s possibly a terrier / poodle mix, about 15-20 pounds with a stocky build. He’s mostly tan in color with some red markings. He’s well behaved, house-broken and wearing only a flea collar. It’s assumed he must live near the HS.

If he’s your dog or you may know something about him, please call the school: 302-846-9544.. Today, to keep him busy, he’s teaching a math class.



Good luck to the puppy!


Eat this…

Now, that used to be a popular phrase in High School.  Eating is a hobby of mine.  I’ve evidently been successful at it seeing that to accurately determine my weight, I have to go out to the highway, and get in line with the trucks.

Like most folks, I don’t want the First Lady dictating what I can and cannot eat.   I really get upset when I go to dinner at someone’s home and another guest blurts out “I’m a Vegan”.  Well great, why don’t you go back to your planet with Mr. Spock.  I know, that’s referring to Vulcan.  They’re both just a nerdy.  If someone wants to eat only vegetables or chocolate or cheese or clams or cotton balls, so be it.  That’s their choice.

If their stupidity causes them illness due to malnutrition, let them learn a lesson.  I roll my eyes using over used phrases, but I guess I’m a believer of “everything / anything in moderation”. 

You can’t tell me that the funny smelling vegetarian in the group (and most do give off a strange metallic scent), isn’t making a big issue of it, because of some shortcoming, like a personal, lifelong, identity crisis.

Earlier this week I learned that some liberal college is having “meatless Mondays”.  If I had a kid enrolled at that school, I’d be making some big noise (especially if my kid was on the daily meal plan).  You know what that costs in addition to the tuition. 

My kid would be forced to subscribe to the likes and dislikes of a small percentage of the population, in order to satisfy more PC crap!  Why not have MEAT DAY every Tuesday then?   Meat only, all Day! Vegans can go to the cafeteria on Vulcan or go graze on the beautiful campus.  Think of the energy savings all of you green idiots.   Here’s the story on Meatless Monday.


Just Another Shopper

Another from Fox News today…  They showed an angry black woman charging through a liquor store.  As she passed, she stuck her arm in the shelving and swept bottles all over the floor.  Many were breaking and crashing.  She went through several rows, snowplowing the store’s stock to the ground and basically, wrecking the store. 

She claimed she did this because the store didn’t have a public restroom.   Shouldn’t this be a HATE CRIME?   Unreal!


Not The R Word Again

From Fox News today…  They showed where a theater was showing a Tyler Perry movie.  In case you didn’t know, Tyler Perry is a very popular, dirty mouthed, black comedian.   He’s not popular with me because I resent profanity, rest room humor. 

Supposedly, at the start of the movie, there was an abnormally large number of  the audience using cell phones.  The theater manager (white) found that disturbing and made a public announcement that cell phone usage was not permitted during the movie.

This caused quite the outrage.  The audience began yelling and became very unruly.  Now, a few weeks later, a large number of those protesters are suing the theater claiming the manager was violating their civil rights.

Someone please explain to me how using a cell phone, or objecting to its usage is racist?   Fortunately, the last I heard was that a judge was throwing this asinine case out.  AMEN  to that!


Joe Biden Loozah!

Can this guy not take a hint?  Evidently NOT.   There was a major movement afoot to name a school after the boneheaded Senator / Vice President.   I believe it was in the Brandywine area of Delaware.  A group of tail kissing Dems wanted to name it “Joe Biden or Biden Elementary School”..  Thanks to the public using their brains, the local school board denied the request.

Obviously the board has some class.  The school will be named after a locally, historic founding family.   I feel the school board that stood up to the Biden types, deserve a big round of applause.  YAY (sound effects inserted here).


What Would You Do?

This is a touchy subject, but it’s time to give it a good feel.  Last night ABC ran a special “What Would You Do?”  The preface looked easy enough.  However, I think there was an undertone of ABC trying to push more Political Correctness crap on the public.  To do this, they made the viewer feel uncomfortable with a fully acted out situation.  This goes back to the NBC con-job, fabricated story, intentionally blowing up trucks to make you believe they were unsafe.
In this (undercover) story, they hit on several topics, but basically it came down to some forms of bullying.  Story One showed a “small person” (a dwarf), shopping in a grocery store.  When other shoppers were in the same aisle, two thugs approached the small person and asked if they could take his picture.  One thug posed with him, while another took the photo. 
They were attempting to humiliate the small person, laughing a goofing on him.  The onlookers were obviously offended.  Some defended him by commenting to the thugs.  Now remember, the small person and the thugs were all actors.  Only the observers were legitimate customers, unaware of the taping and recording. 
So, obviously the experiment was to test if the innocent observers would react and how.  In this case, very little reaction was shown.  Usually, after the thugs left the scene, the observers would go over to the small person and sympathize with him. 
In the next scenario, the scene was set in a restaurant.  In one booth sat a teenage boy with red hair (actor).  Nearby, in another booth were other kids (actors), taunting and making fun of the red-head, just because he had red hair.  In other booths were legitimate restaurant patrons.  Some of these observers got very upset over the redhead insults.  One older lady went over to the “thug” table and verbally, let ’em have it.
While watching this, I was thinking most of the viewers are probably rooting for this older lady.  “Yeah, you tell ’em Grandma!  Put those brats in their place… (etc)”.   Suddenly, a bell went off in my head.  Couldn’t “Grandma” be considered an insult if the woman wasn’t as old as she may look, and what if she isn’t a grand mother? ..  Now, as we really look at this objectively, isn’t the older lady being a bully too?  (Although, at a lesser degree).
At this point, I couldn’t keep my hand off the remote, and drifted off to another, more entertaining channel (in case you Neilson Rating folks are reading along).
So, if I were Judge Wopner or Judge Judy, here’s how I’d rule on this overall complaint on bullying.  (Again, keep in mind, I believe this is just a trumped-up PC propaganda statement from the network). …
I have to say, I really object to these exploitive TV shows…  There has always been bullying, and always will be.  TV networks think that they can force feed Americans their PC crap and everyone will accept it..  Then the networks (Hollywood / show biz) get all the credit.  As for the small person situation, that’s sad.  I’ve seen people make fun of others who in some way were crippled, in a wheel chair, on crutches and so on.  But those big brave, heartless Jack Asses are always going to be around.  Since we live in a free society with free speech, they have a right to spew their mean venom.  Those with imperfections just have to take it, sorry to say. 
Life isn’t fair.  Sad but a fact.  I have a daughter with red hair.  At the time she was born, I thought about what she’s going to have to deal with.  After some time you start to realize.  There’s many more people complimenting her hair color than the few that are making fun.
 Now back to the older lady that got up in the Restaurant to defend the red-head was being a bully in the same way. What makes her right? 
In reality…  The old lady should have gone to the restaurant manager.  Explain to the manager that the brats at the nearby table were loud and abusive and are ruining her dining experience.  It is then, the responsibility of the manager to step in and (if necessary), remove the bullies because they are effecting the established customers.  That’s the subtile way to handle it, and it’s usually the best way to make it work.  The red-head kid could’ve done the same thing.
Every kid on the planet has something they can be bullied about.  They’re  too tall, too short, too skinny, too fat,  zits, a weak eye, ugly hair cut… what ever it is, every kid has some target of bullying.  Hopefully, as the kid ages, maturity will take over and allow everyone to get over it.  It’s not up to the govt to establish a law to end bullying.  It’s up to us citizens to handle the matter and not let it get out of hand.
So, I put myself in that situation.  Instead of being another tough guy and jumping in the middle like another bully.  I’d approach the manager, point out the problem and ask him to resolve the issue by removing the thugs without making it look like the red head’s fault.  Tell them their being too noisy, whatever. Just throw them out!
In summary…  ABC thinks that airing a show like that will make everyone kinder.  They too are Jack Asses.  There will always be bullies. You can handle them with fists or intellect.  Some of them never mature and act that way all their lives.  Most of them do mature, grow up, raise families and then have to defend their kids from the next generation of bullies. 
One other thing.  Scott, the small person, actor in the first segment is an old acquaintance of mine.  When I knew him, he was just an elementary school kid and his mom was dating my best friend in upstate New York.  As a kid he was constantly dealing with bullies, but he realized it was something that would never go away.  He put his sense of dealing with it in his head and didn’t let it hold him back.  He wanted to be an actor and his hard headedness allowed him to do just that.  From what I’ve heard, Scott became an officer or maybe even the President of a nationwide association of small people. 
You can let something hold you back, or you can kick it in the teeth and move on.  That doesn’t make the bullying stop hurting.  It does help put it in its place and allows you to move on and get it out of your way.
Good luck in the future Scott.  Great seeing you on TV again! 

Another Stuperbowl

Isn’t it amazing, in less than 50 years our country developed another cultural holiday.  Superbowl Sundays are cause for more TV viewers (worldwide) than any other time around the year.  This includes “Rhoda’s Wedding” (just kidding).  

The actual game has become almost secondary to all the partying, food, restaurants, and private events that dance around the sacred game.  Looking back over the years most Superbowl games were terrible, one-sided games.  When that happens, everyone will rally into the kitchen and it becomes a beautiful day of gluttony.

One year in the 80’s I recall being invited to a neighbor’s home for the “Big” game.  This was the home of a young, newly married couple.  They invited all the residents of the apartment building, where I then lived.  The new couple were like Barbie & Ken.  I hardly knew them.  He was always running around acting like Mr. Perfect Athlete.  His new wife dressed like a fashion model. She would arrive home from work and disappeared every day into their small apartment.  The only other time you’d see her was when she left with him.  Then, she was fashion queen.  I know my apartment had very little closet space, so I don’t know where they stored all their wardrobe.  It had to be immense.

Anyway, they invited everyone to their place to watch the Superbowl.  Prior to the invitation, I just assumed people like that would have a pinch of knowledge regarding social skills and manners.  That was a very wrong assumption. 

Keep in mind, this big event was a year or two after the Colts left Baltimore, so I was still in shock and (as today) I had little interest in sports in general.  I was looking forward to meeting some new folks and of course; adult beverages and food.  I made a yummy dip of some kind, as I was asked to bring something. 

Upon my arrival, I realized two uncomfortable things.  One was, the only food being provided by the hosts was chili. The other was, the only beverage available was Tea. I didn’t notice any ice.  The tea was recently brewed and was rather warm.  Still… no ice.  Since only tea was available, that was a hint that there were no adult beverages.  That’s acceptable to me.  However, most hosts announce that fact prior to inviting anyone. 

So far I was the only guest to have arrived, when another couple from the 3rd floor showed up.  I had met these two before, but they were extremely shy and not talkative. 

Now in the host’s apartment were both hosts, the couple from the 3rd floor and me.  5 whole people sitting around the living room, smelling the chili cooking and holding a warm glass of tea, trying to be polite. 

Suddenly, the guy (host) pops up off of the couch, heads into the bed room, where he changed into gym clothes.  He thru on his jacket and announced he was heading down the street to the gym to get in his daily workout. Then out the door he went.  His wife, although quite attractive, had all the personality of a plastic soap dish.  She appeared quite uncomfortable and unprepared for her husband’s behavior.  She immediately went into the kitchen to stir the chili.  Upon doing so, she announced the chili was ready.  So, the three of us (remaining in the living room) stood up, assuming we were to go to the dining room.  WRONG… 

She brought out a tray with 3 bowls of her homemade chili.  Along with the chili were some napkins and spoons.  From my vantage point, I could see that the chili looked a little thin, watery and steaming hot.  There was little space on their coffee table for the tray and the glasses, and whatever else. 

I was then trying to balance a bowl of hot lava and a glass of warm tea while concocting some way to eat with an over-sized soup spoon.  At the same time, I was conducting boring conversation and had to keep myself presentable for potentially new friends.

I felt so bad for the hostess, now that her rude husband left for the gym while he should be home assisting her hosting guests.  God forbid any others show up.  God was listening, or He hung a “go away” sign on their apartment door, because no one else showed. 

After some shuffling around stuff on the coffee and end tables, the hostess made room for everything.  It was at this point that I also realized, this was everything.  She wasn’t serving anything else.  Another low score from her hostess and manners school. 

By now, I was getting rather hungry.  My stomach was making some growling sounds which weren’t getting to far out of hand.   So, I took my spoon and dipped it in the bowl of chili, which had now cooled 2 or 3 hundred degrees.  I carefully took a taste.

Before I continue, allow me to explain what chili means to me.  Chili and Pizza are the same.  There’s no such thing as bad chili or pizza, there’s just some that is better than others.  Many people agree with that philosophy. 

My philosophy had to be re-written on that Super Bowl Sunday. This (so-called) chili was just awful.  It was like dish-water with beans.  NASTY doesn’t just describe boys for Janet Jackson.  As I force-fed myself this disgusting chili, I discovered why it was so terrible.  The couple from upstairs were coughing and nearly gagging.  The hostess could tell it wasn’t well liked, as hard as we were all trying to hide our near nausea state.

She began explaining that this was one of her first times cooking in the kitchen.  They usually go out to eat.  I figured Barbie just didn’t want to soil her apron.  She went on to tell how she put the ground beef in a pot of water to cook it.  SHE MEANT TO SAY BOIL IT!!  As any water cooked out, she added more.  When it began to boil and most of the red was turned to gray, she added a can of Campbell’s Pork & Beans.  Stirring that to a boil she began to add salt and pepper to her tasting.

Remember when she brought the bowls of chili out for the guests?  It was obvious that she didn’t bring one for herself.  That was because she doesn’t like chili.  She later explained that she expected her husband to bring her something from McDonald’s on his way home from the gym.

It was now about 10 minutes to game time.  I barely got most of the bowl of “beef boil” down.  I think the other couple may have dumped theirs into the few living house plants when the hostess wasn’t looking. 

Finally, the game was about to start.  The hostess’s husband never did get back, when I said I’d have to leave early because I had to get up early, which was true.

I thanked the hostess for a wonderful time as I was hoping I had a full bottle of Tues waiting for me at home.  I said good-bye to the upstairs neighbors and slithered out the door. 

It was weeks before I saw any of those people again.  Nothing was ever mentioned about the big Super Bowl Party. Probably for fear of alerting the health department.

By the following Summer,  Barbie & Ken had moved out.  Rumor had it that they were divorcing.  Wow, how could that be? 

So, with another Super Bowl Sunday here…  Make the best of it.  Be sure to enjoy a big hot bowl of CHILI.. 


Sitting and Waiting

Everyone was shocked this weekend when a goofball in Arizona went on a shooting rampage.  When I first heard about it, I was waiting to hear how Obama, Pelosi, or some other Lib was going to blame George Bush.  unbelievably, to my knowledge, that hasn’t happened yet.

Second thought was  at least we’ll hear some theory of a connection with Tea Parties or crazy conservatives.  I have to say, I still haven’t heard that. 

This morning on FOX NEWS they conducted interviews about the same issues.  Sure enough they had proof of Left Wing columnists that have hinted

Jared Loughner, alleged Arizona shooter


that Jared Loughner was driven by the hatred stirred up in the past election.  How about this… the guy is a whack job!   An investigation by FOX News this morning showed that Loughner hasn’t mentioned in any interviews, personal notes, writings or his personal website, anything regarding Bush, conservatives .  

Let’s wait and see how long it takes for the Liberal Fingers start pointing.

Of course as expected, the memorials, teddy bears, candles, wreaths, and stuff have started showing up at the site of the shootings.  This is another thorn in my side, which I’ve written about many times.  My thoughts on this are simple.  This is what cemeteries are for.


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