Black Guy / White Guy

If you were a follower of this site in it’s past existence, you know I’m anything but a racist.

I do have an objection to outside cultures being force fed to those of us that don’t want it. One culture that really gets under my skin is the “rap music culture”. This originated in the black community and has now migrated to the hispanic and white communities as well.

One thing that really irritates me is when I see a white guy trying to be a part of the black (rap) community. They wear the cap crooked, they grab their crotches, they put on the stylin’ walk, and talk like rappers with “yo-yo” and all that ignorant speak. I keep hoping this fad will die off, and have kept this hope alive for nearly 20 years.

Now, to get under my skin, there’s a local car dealer with one of these insults to the intelligent culture. This same guy has been doing the TV spots for this dealer for years. He’s probably related to the owner, because otherwise, he’s totally talentless.

He tries to be Mr. Cool with his obnoxious voice. Is there any wonder why the local TV stations have ratings that stink? The only time a local station is on my TV is when I zip past them with the clicker. Occasionally, something will catch my eye. But, I try to avoid local (Eastern Shore) TV stations.

One station pays so poorly, they (for the most part) only hire college students. Ever noticed how many stories in a given newscast pertain to college or college aged people? Nothing else exists in their world when the select or write any news story. What a joke.

Now I feel better.. Do you agree?


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