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I seem to be harping on the media lately, but it really irritates me.  As previously mentioned, I don’t usually watch any local (Eastern Shore) TV stations.  This morning, my wife left the kitchen TV on to catch a local weather forecast.  She went on to the shower, as I walked in to over hear this torture.  The young lady doing the weather actually does it fairly well considering the market size.  However, she’s a meteorologist and can’t properly pronounce the word “Temperature”.   If you look it up, you’ll see it has 4 syllables, not 3.  The word is:  Temp-er-ah-chure…. NOT: Temp-ah-chure.  If she is an actual meteorologist, that means she has a college degree in weather science.  Get with it Eileen. 

Here’s another stupid TV weather thing.  This I hear constantly locally and even occasionally on Networks and big stations, such as Baltimore & D.C.  The weather person will say…  it may be raining in the morning so be sure the kids have their umbrellas, heading to school. 

I graduated high school in the late 60’s.  That means I was in elementary school in the late 50’s and early 60’s.  Even back then, NO SCHOOL KID carried an umbrella, except for the “ugly Betty” type.  Today’s kids hardly wear coats when it’s cold out.  In December they’re wearing shorts & flip-flops.  NOBODY CARRIES A STUPID UMBRELLA.  Kids see umbrellas as a NERD thing..  Am I the only one that knows this? 

Now, as an adult, I will occasionally use an umbrella, but you can bet I couldn’t get one of today’s youth to use one if I paid them $100.. 

Getting back to pronouncing words correctly….  Sunday night I actually heard a woman news reader on Fox News say this several times throughout two news breaks..  Referring to Haiti..  currently the people there are now dealing with the deadly disease Cholera..  She persistently pronounced it as Ko-lair-ah, rather than (how it is properly pronounced)  Kol-lerh-ah.  To better explain it…  it’s like the Collar of a shirt…  Collar-ah.  

This newscaster is obviously a case of she got the job on her looks and not her brain.  Sorry to say, this is more and more, becoming the norm on all the networks.  I want to hold Fox News superior to the others, but in this hiring policy …  sorry… that’s not the case.


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