Election Day

As normal, we are being barraged by political commercials on TV and radio.  Not that long ago, there was a rule that said direct office competitors commercials could not run back to back.  Well, it now appears that this rule is no more.

Keep in mind, most radio is heard subliminally in the background.  So, all these political ads are being fired off, one after the other.  The subliminal brain is hearing little bits of this and little bits of that.  When that happens, all the issues discussed in the commercials become muddled and confusing.   It’s hard to tell who’s for this and who’s against this. 

I’m sure there are many voters that make their final voting decision on what they’ve heard via the media, from the two weeks prior to their voting.   God help us if this group becomes the majority.  Hopefully, more voters analyze the issues thoroughly.  Keep your fingers crossed.  If you’re really unsure how to vote, I suggest:  Next to the candidate’s name will be a letter R  or D or something else.  If it’s R, that means Right choice..  If it’s D, that means don’t vote for this clown any way.  If the letter is anything else, just ignore it, it won’t matter anyway.



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