Did you say “Returns Day”?

In Sussex County, Delaware, the Thursday after an election day is called Returns Day.  Historically, it goes back to when all ye ol’ citizens would return to the county seat (Georgetown, DE) to read the election returns and see who won and lost. 

In recent years, this event has evolved into a “bury the hatchet” gathering.  When it comes to tradition and history, I’m all for it.  But, this “bury the hatchet” thinking is wrong.  We have just witnessed and participated in one of the greatest elections in our country’s history.  The last power turnover, even close to this size was in the 30’s, when Socialist Icon, Franklin Roosevelt was pushing all of his agenda.

This is an outstanding moment in time.  The American people have stood up to an out of control White House & Congress.  This election has put the brakes on Obama’s healthcare and re-distribution of wealth agenda, in a way not seen for generations.  The press is pushing the word “compromise”.  That has no place here.  That’s the main stay statement of this election!   I know that I’m proud of what’s happened. I am hopeful that the conservatives in power, beginning in January will keep this momentum moving forward without compromise. 

The Returns Day feeling of ; let’s cross the aisle and shake hands..  let’s all give in just a little so that we can discuss the issues more calmly is WRONG!  It’s clearly time to stand up for our convictions and not let the Dems/Libs make everyone go back to compromise.  

We need to keep an eye on Washington.  Every time they start backing off of their strong, conservative stance, it’s up to us to kick ’em in the tail and remind ’em…  we didn’t put you there to back down. 

Let’s keep a constant watch and stay alert to keep up the momentum. Remember… NO compromise.



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