Post Election Day

Sorry to say, most of the candidates I voted for lost.   I get the feeling, the more I talk with people,  many folks vote for who they think will win rather than who should win according to their beliefs or ideology.  I hope that’s not true.

Cristine O’Donnell was a let down.  In the beginning, the polls were showing her way behind, but I was being optimistic.  The press did a great job of ripping her up.  I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her.  I don’t know if she’ll be a candidate again, but due to her national press experiences (bad as they were), I think she’ll still share the spotlight with someone in the future. 

It amazes me how the press is turning this all around to make it sound like “now the Republicans and Conservatives” will need to compromise to get anything done over the next two years.  Do they not see that this election was clearly America saying Stop the Obama way of doing everything?  Stop is not compromise.  Compromise is giving in half way.  America wants the health care plan to END completely as Obama has presented it.  America wants no more buy outs of big businesses.  America wants no more union dirty tactics.   It’s a clear message, or in two years the uprising will appear again. 

This is historical.  This type of uprising (at this size), hasn’t occurred since the days of FDR, another great Socialist who got an opposing Congress thrown back at him.   

Now excuse me while I enjoy a nice hot cup of  TEA !



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