Asking for advice?

Have you seen in the news where Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is going to comic (somewhat), John Stewart for financial advice?   Geithner feels that Stewart is very influential, so his advice would be of value. 

If  you need advice from someone, wouldn’t you go to the top person in that field?  I can certainly think of numerous comedians better than John Stewart.   Before even considering John Stewart I’d go to the grave of Henny Youngman and find some spiritual advice of some form (Take my advice, PLEASE).   Maybe find some great lines by the grave of Richard Pryor.  He was considered a comedy genius.  Call David Brenner, he’s still around and has a pant load of funny stories.  Jerry Seinfeld could fill your ear with amazing financial advice, while at the same time, turning it into fodder for a new TV show.   Too many choices here!



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