Fox News: Please Keep Looking

It appears that Fox News is keeping Courtney Friel and Ainsley Earhardt (pro: air-hardt)..  These are two, obvious, brain transplant donors.   Of course, Courtney is a show biz reporter, who cares?   That’s a bunch of shallow idiocy anyway.

Ainsley Airhead actually is allowed to fill in on the morning show “Fox & Friends”.   Here’s her Fox profile from the Fox website:

Ainsley Earhardt is a correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC). She joined the network in 2007 and provides live news cut-ins during the overnight hours.

Prior to her current position, Earhardt served as a morning/noon anchor for CBS affiliate, KENS-5 in San Antonio, Texas. Earhardt also was a morning/ noon anchor for WLTX- News 19 in Columbia, South Carolina. In 2004, while at WLTX-News 19, viewers voted Earhardt “Best Personality of the Year” in Columbia Metropolitan Magazine.

Earhardt is a South Carolina native and a graduate of University of South Carolina where she received a degree in Journalism.

So, there you have it.  She has no better qualifications than that!  I am surprised that she has a degree from USC.  Although, journalism today is not what it was years ago.  Journalism means to journal (gather the facts about an event, person, place or thing that is news worthy).  Today it has transformed into adding your opinion and try to save the world.

As for her work on TV in Columbia, SC.  Other than Major Markets in the South, like Atlanta, Birmingham, etc.  it’s all pretty faces.   So, this may explain her positioning at Fox. 

What a shame!  This vapid head is actually allowed to sit on the curvy couch and participate in news discussion.  When the ad-libbing starts, it’s time to hide.  This woman’s ignorance is an embarrassment.  Today (for instance), they were discussing Rep. John Bohner.  She stated: ” … he is the designated, uh, umm head of the house  of representatives, blah, blah, blah”…  The term you’re looking for Airhead is…  SPEAKER of the House.  Not “head of the house”.  You’re not filling out a tax form you moron.

I find it sad that Fox has lowered their credibility by allowing this “lack of talent” to be allowed on the air.  It’s obviously her looks.  She is attractive, but you can tell by her body language, there’s nothing upstairs.  She’s more concerned about smiling, than her ability to answer a question or deliver a news story correctly.

After suffering through her super toothy-smile all morning, I noticed (what is becoming more and more frequent, bad grammar on the “news crawl”.  That’s the printed news and info moving Left to Right along the bottom of your TV screen.  It said “Patty Murray has beat out her challenger… ”  that should be; has beaten.  Maybe I’m fickle, but this improper use of the English language is just laziness.  For years, we’ve witnessed High Schools graduating students that can’t spell, read, or do math correctly.  This is what you get.  Soooo Sad!



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