Megan McCain has gotta’ go!

My guess is that John McCain’s daughter is planning some future political move or hopes to get a gig with a news network.  Whatever the case, please give it up!

She just doesn’t get it.  She keeps preaching The McCain doctrine.  We saw what good that did in the last presidential election.  Besides her unpopular ideology, she’s one of these idiotic college types that can’t get through a sentence without the word “like” or saying “oh my God”, at least once in any appearance.  Also, (not that I’m in perfect weight form) but, Megan.. it appears you’ve packed on a few pounds since election night.  This will not help your TV popularity.   Please God, don’t allow her to be hired by a TV network.  It’s bad enough that she keeps getting guest shots on shows like Leno and Letterman.  They love her because she is a RINO and criticizes the Republicans and Conservatives.  She also uses my least favorite word Compromise a little too often.



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