10 Whole Days

That’s how long it took before an announcement of taxes going up in Maryland.  Why do you think so many people are leaving OMalleyville? 

Just 10 days have passed and the MD Statehouse comes out with news that they have to raise gasoline taxes.  Why didn’t they mention that 11 days ago?  Why do Marylander’s keep voting for these same liberal dingbats?   Then of course, their pals in the media start the campaign on the news last night.  WJZ TV had interviews with the sheep..   A woman filling her tank saying “…. oh, the state needs money so, I guess we’ll just have to pay up at the pump…” . 

Lady..  you’re a flaming idiot!  You actually passed your driver’s test?   Why do you keep pouring money into the great abyss?  The state has to stop spending it! 

Did you ever hear about the great Maryland scam regarding the shoulders on the roads?  Ever notice in Maryland, most of the roads have shoulders the width of a car.  Most other states do not have these.  The exception being Interstates, but that’s another reason. 

It goes back to the 50’s & 60’s.  Can you imagine what Maryland would have saved if they hadn’t paid for those extra two lanes on nearly every roadway?   You don’t think there were any kickbacks involved in that do you? 

I know a little about it only because of a relative that (many years ago) retired from the MD State Roads Commission (now the Dept of Transportation).  When I was a teen, he told me of how things operated back then.  Amazing amounts of waste.  My relative wanted so badly, to be a whistle-blower at the time but, just didn’t have the nerve.  He was terrified about his job being dumped if he talked about it. 

Oh, what the hell.  We’ll just pay a little more to the state coffers the next time we buy gas in Maryland. 



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