Do You Buy Organic Foods?

I have a deal for you.  Since the 70’s I’ve heard about organic food and how it’s soooo much better for you, health wise.  I’ve always thought that it made no sense.  Another one of these meaningless issues for the modern hippies to toss around.

This morning, John Stossel (a somewhat reputable reporter) appeared on Fox & Friends.  He was talking about organic vs. non-organic.  He played a trick on the interviewers and some of the audience.  This is all to plug an upcoming special with Stossel.

The trick was, Stossel was seated at a dinner table with lots of tasty looking foods, some of which he identified. While doing so, he said “..  this contains (some chemical name)…”, as he did the same with the many items.  He then asked Doocey and company, would they rather eat this or organic foods for Thanksgiving?   What they didn’t know is, the food on the table was the Organic variety, and the Organic food still contains (what are thought to be) horrible chemicals.   They all fell for it. 

In Stossel’s study, he found there’s little difference with Organic or Non-Organic, except the price.  As we shoppers know, if it says Organic, the price has been jacked up.

Stossel also conducted a taste test with a live audience.  They sampled several varieties of ground beef.  Some was from grain fed beef and some from Organic, grass-fed beef.  In the results, some did say they liked one more than another, but overall… none could accurately identify the Organic over the Non-Organic.

It comes down to this:  The anti-capitalists in this world like to worry and be unhappy.  Way back when, they got people worried over the horrible words “preservatives” and “chemicals”.

The legendary reporter Paul Harvey often pointed out that one of the main reasons human life spans are extended more and more, is due to food preservatives.  When I was a kid, there were many months of the year you couldn’t get some fruits and vegetables, unless they were canned.  In today’s world, you can buy a tomato any day of the year.  Now, I’ll agree it’s not as tasty as a fresh, local grown tomato, but it still works.  I don’t recall ever hearing about someone dying from tomato preservatives. 

This is great age in which we now live.  We should learn to cherish it. Go out today and enjoy a salad.  It’ll be an international treat, parts from California, some from Argentina and some from possibly Mexico.  Enjoy it. 

Save your money, don’t be one of the sheep, tricked into buying organic!



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