Hoping for Hope

I bet you thought this would be a writing about some charity or needy cause.  WRONG..  Over the past few weeks, I’ve really come to enjoy a TV show named “Raising Hope“.  For those who haven’t watched this, it has a lot of hard-edged comedy.  Cloris Leachman is in it so you know, it has to be a scream.  The other comedic actors are fairly new to the TV screen.

The basics…  (I love TV shows, where the theme song explains the story.. ie Gilligan’s Island, The Nanny, etc).

This is about a young man / single father who had a fling with a woman (serial killer).  She gave birth to their bastard daughter (Hope).  He gained custodody prior to her execution. 

Rasing Hope

The Cast / Raising Hope

The young man’s parents had him at a young age and know nothing about parenting.  But, he’s stuck living at home with his parents.  His mother’s Grandmother (Leachman), known as Maw Maw, suffers from dementia and is severely goofy, also lives in the same house. 

Also, the young father has a crush on a local grocery store checker.  Now, if you can follow all of that, I think you’ll also enjoy this wack-o comedy.  It’s on Tuesday nights.  Be on the look out for it.  I give it a bucket of stars!



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