Howard Dare You

Or is that, How Dare You?  My buddy Howard at Delmar Dustpan seems to have taken the Thanksgiving weekend off from Blogging.  How Dare You..  Are you still getting paid for this time off?  I can’t afford to take the time off.  (It’s at this point Howard gets upset regarding getting paid.)  I’m just razzing Howard and he knows it.   

Howard and his family have come through a pretty rough year.  Last December, they lost their home in a fire.  Since that, they had to convert to apartment living, not to mention the massive losses from the fire.  Fortunately, no one was killed or hurt, and it’s been nearly a year.

Thanksgiving will have special meaning for Howard & family this year seeing what they’ve been through.  So… Howard earns some time off. Put your feet up and enjoy it.  Mrs. Howard will enjoy waiting on you all weekend.  (She doesn’t read this, does she?  oops).

Most of us haven’t been through a tough year like the Dust Pan family, except for the crappy economy.  (Elections do matter). 

But seriously, she doesn’t read this….  right?    Have a great Thanksgiving Howard and Mrs. Howard. 



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