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Have you seen in the news today where the U.N. Climate Change Conference is now underway.   It’s being held in Cancun, Mexico, one of the worlds greatest vacation destinations.  Wouldn’t you think that a bunch of Left wingers that believe in such nonsense would hold the conference at a location where this is supposed to be happening?  Shouldn’t the conference be held at sea?  How about the North Pole?  It’s supposed to be melting.

No, not these slime balls.  This is what stinks about anything dealing with the U.N.  It has to be the most corrupt organization in the world.  Yet, it pretends to be the most helping place ever.  How convenient, to ship all these international delegates to Vacation City, and in December, I might add.   Let’s face it, this cesspool of elite, power-hungry, anti-Americans don’t deserve to have parking rights in one of our greatest cities.

I urge people constantly, never-never never, give to UNICEF or any UN connected charity.  This organization is a shameful group of Libs that should be shipped off to the middle of Antarctica to watch beautiful killer whales eat defenseless seals.   I also suggest the UN be evicted from New York.  That huge building could easily be converted into a homeless shelter.  They’ll need it once NYC and New York state go bankrupt.   All coming soon. 



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