Good Bye Charlie’s Got No Blues

Charlie Rangle is still, totally denying everything.  What really burns me, is that this pig has avoided paying taxes for years.  Had that been you or me, we’d be living in the Iron Bar Motel.

Today, his punishment will be to stand before his peers in Congress, while they censure him.  Basically a hand slap.  They could’ve chosen to force him out of Congress, and should’ve.  It’s pack mentality in Washington, as they protect their own.

Personally, I think he should be, (at least) forced to lose his pension, or a portion of it.  Or, how about a salary cut? Not gonna’ happen.  Other than this verbal punishment, he get’s away scott free. 

The most recent election was all about Americans being sick of this type of politics and behavior.  Please God, don’t let this message die.



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