Snowman: “Frosty The Racist”

In Hayden, Utah someone built a snowman.  Shall we say they sculpted a snowman.  This one is without the corncob pipe and the button nose.  He happens to be detailed as one of those ever so brave members of the KKK.

He stands complete, with a rope / noose.  Quite a scary sight.  Personally, I don’t like this any more than anyone else.  Thoughts of the KKK bring up thoughts of Senator Byrd of West Virginia, who was a former Klan Pombal!  I despise everything about the Klan.

Naturally, the towns people who live near this are a little upset. I would be too!  But let’s think about this.  Isn’t this protected free speech?  Why shouldn’t this Klan supporter be allowed to display this?  He SCULPTED it. Doesn’t that make it ART?   You know, like the famous “Christ In Piss” display.  A lot of the same people who defended that, are now up in arms over a simple snow man.  What goes around, comes around.  Read about “Frosty The Racist”.. CLICK HERE



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