No I’m Not Jealous

This is the first thing someone says to me, whenever I voice this complaint.  Honestly, it’s not jealousy. 

As you know, I’m a big fan of Fox News. But, there’s one thing they’ve done recently that really gets under my skin.

As you’re aware, one of the morning hosts is Steve Doocey.  He has a good delivery and has that “morning guy personality”.  Sometimes, he does come across with a “know it all” attitude, which we could do without.

We see it often in show biz.  Such as the TV wiz  “Aaron Spelling”, known for his genius with many shows like the Love Boat.  His daughter Tori became a star over the past 20 (or so) years.  It wasn’t because of her looks, unless it was to land a role on “Spongebob Squarepants”.  There are many actors with more talent than her, appearing in any high school play. But because of her Daddy, she was swept to the top. 

On Fox News, we have a similar situation evolving.  In broadcasting, especially news, you have to cut your chops.  It takes years to develop a reputable delivery and not just be another news reader.  This kid of Doocey’s was dropped right in the mainstream of Fox reporting with his chops left in the car.  Listening to him is like having some punk from a local college radio station try to explain the past 20 years of politics, when he isn’t 20 years old.  It is God awful. 

I’m sure his proud papa wants to see him succeed, but damn Steve, get real.  Peter evidently just graduated from some college with his journalism or Mass Comm degree.  Whoooo.  That doesn’t instantly qualify him to go on the air, especially on a major news network.  This kicks the holy hell out of Fox’s credibility.  They’ve struggled a long time to live up to their “Fair & Balanced” motto.  Now with this, the competition has more ammo to fire over their deck(s). 

This BOY needs more time, working in small markets, in possibly radio and TV.  After a few years of getting down in the pits and understanding the realities of NEWS, he may be ready to climb up another rung on the ladder.

Another thing; don’t give me the come back of, “What about Fox’s Chris Wallace (Son of CBS reporter Mike Wallace). 

Chris Wallace didn’t just jump into network news.  He has a heavy resume going back as far as 1975 when he was a reporter for a local TV station.  He was fortunate to also have worked for ABC and NBC prior to Fox.  Chris Wallace has a reputable background and has earned his way to Fox News.  I’m sure the Wallace name didn’t hurt his climb to the top, but it wasn’t the only tool used to get to the top.  The Doocey kid doesn’t compare to this.   On air, he’s green and looks like a little boy doing the news on a home video camera. 

I really do like most of what Fox News presents.  However, the credibility is slowly being eroded away by inadequate reporters and their weak writing abilities.  A lot of the weak writing abilities appear on the scroll on the front screen.   If young Doocey wants to work, while cutting his chops, as a page or usher, fine, I’m sure he’s much more handy with a flashlight than what I’ve witnessed with pertinent news copy on a major network.



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