Another Raven

People often ask me why is it that I was a huge Baltimore Colts fan but I don’t support the Ravens.  As I’ve explained repeatedly, we’re in different times.  The football played by the BALTIMORE Colts and teams of that era was a different game and the players were true professionals. 

Today’s sports are heavily influenced by too much outside culture.  It’s the culture of uneducated trash.  It’s an insult to watch live or on TV.  I feel the same of people who loved to watch Jerry Springer and shows of that ilk.  It’s an insult to your intelligence, if you have any.  If  you have none, then jump right in, who cares. 

Look how many sports stars, especially NFL have had run ins with the law.  All this hype over Ray Lewis.  I can’t stand it.  Sure he got off in his trial.  But, who are you kidding.  Why is someone of that stature hangin’  with a bunch of trash, knife wielding thugs?  Now Michael Vick wants a dog.  Who are we kidding.  As if that’s not a PR stunt.  Do you really believe that Vick has (since his trial and jail ) never had contact with the thugs that surrounded him back in his dog killing daze?  Get out!  That trashy culture is in his system.  It’s what makes him tick. And.. Don’t try to tell me it’s a racial thing.  Some races appear to welcome that culture more than others.  But, not everyone in that race welcomes it.  Those are the few that seriously need to intervene and  clean that culture out of their racial backgrounds.  

I still have an attraction or temptation to watch football.  But as soon as I see the TV production people favoring Lewis or Vick on camera, I just cringe.  The media make heroes out of these putrid culture pigs.

Now we see another great member of the Ravens has been hit with a DUI.  The crime association to sports is beginning to be a badge of honor and that’s a damned shame!   (Gee, can you say the word shame?  Have the PC Police eliminated it from our American vocabulary?)



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