Happy New Year / World’s Worst Joke

I’m about to identify the World’s Worst Joke.  Sad thing is, just about everyone has used it more than once in their life time.  Many use it nearly annually.  What’s creepy is that it always gets a laugh, even though it may be the laugh of “Rainman”.  I guarantee you’ll hear it on TV and Radio.

Some use it as an ice breaker, as if you have nothing better to say at a party or family gathering.  Usually, when someone (including you), resorts to using this horrible excuse for humor, it is often followed by an annoying, grinding, mechanical sound.  That would be the sound of people rolling their eyes.  

I also guarantee that once I state the World’s Worst Joke, you may roll your eyes and possibly become violently ill as you agree with my opinion.  But, you know as well as me, you’ll hear it again and again, and probably repeat it someday.  When you do, you’ll just accept it as the typical, stupid side of human nature.  Sad but true!

Are you ready to start the new year with screams of laughter?  Then find a replacement for this. 

Here we go.  Let me set the proper scene.  Where you’ll most often hear or repeat this is usually during one of the following: 1. Last day of school before Christmas vacation, which is where I remember hearing and repeating it most often.  2. Last day of work before Christmas Holidays. 3. Christmas Holiday parties.

Due to work, school, or whatever,  you probably won’t meet again until after January 1st, someone (or you) will spout out this super humorous line:  “I guess I won’t see you until NEXT YEAR“, or “see ya’ NEXT YEAR“.

Honestly, does this make you cramp over with laughter?  Now you know the World’s Worst Joke.  Embarrassed, because you said it at a New Year’s Party? Don’t feel alone.  It was repeated by a zillion others. 

Now that this is behind us for another year, let’s think positive and make it a great 2011!



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