What Would You Do?

This is a touchy subject, but it’s time to give it a good feel.  Last night ABC ran a special “What Would You Do?”  The preface looked easy enough.  However, I think there was an undertone of ABC trying to push more Political Correctness crap on the public.  To do this, they made the viewer feel uncomfortable with a fully acted out situation.  This goes back to the NBC con-job, fabricated story, intentionally blowing up trucks to make you believe they were unsafe.
In this (undercover) story, they hit on several topics, but basically it came down to some forms of bullying.  Story One showed a “small person” (a dwarf), shopping in a grocery store.  When other shoppers were in the same aisle, two thugs approached the small person and asked if they could take his picture.  One thug posed with him, while another took the photo. 
They were attempting to humiliate the small person, laughing a goofing on him.  The onlookers were obviously offended.  Some defended him by commenting to the thugs.  Now remember, the small person and the thugs were all actors.  Only the observers were legitimate customers, unaware of the taping and recording. 
So, obviously the experiment was to test if the innocent observers would react and how.  In this case, very little reaction was shown.  Usually, after the thugs left the scene, the observers would go over to the small person and sympathize with him. 
In the next scenario, the scene was set in a restaurant.  In one booth sat a teenage boy with red hair (actor).  Nearby, in another booth were other kids (actors), taunting and making fun of the red-head, just because he had red hair.  In other booths were legitimate restaurant patrons.  Some of these observers got very upset over the redhead insults.  One older lady went over to the “thug” table and verbally, let ’em have it.
While watching this, I was thinking most of the viewers are probably rooting for this older lady.  “Yeah, you tell ’em Grandma!  Put those brats in their place… (etc)”.   Suddenly, a bell went off in my head.  Couldn’t “Grandma” be considered an insult if the woman wasn’t as old as she may look, and what if she isn’t a grand mother? ..  Now, as we really look at this objectively, isn’t the older lady being a bully too?  (Although, at a lesser degree).
At this point, I couldn’t keep my hand off the remote, and drifted off to another, more entertaining channel (in case you Neilson Rating folks are reading along).
So, if I were Judge Wopner or Judge Judy, here’s how I’d rule on this overall complaint on bullying.  (Again, keep in mind, I believe this is just a trumped-up PC propaganda statement from the network). …
I have to say, I really object to these exploitive TV shows…  There has always been bullying, and always will be.  TV networks think that they can force feed Americans their PC crap and everyone will accept it..  Then the networks (Hollywood / show biz) get all the credit.  As for the small person situation, that’s sad.  I’ve seen people make fun of others who in some way were crippled, in a wheel chair, on crutches and so on.  But those big brave, heartless Jack Asses are always going to be around.  Since we live in a free society with free speech, they have a right to spew their mean venom.  Those with imperfections just have to take it, sorry to say. 
Life isn’t fair.  Sad but a fact.  I have a daughter with red hair.  At the time she was born, I thought about what she’s going to have to deal with.  After some time you start to realize.  There’s many more people complimenting her hair color than the few that are making fun.
 Now back to the older lady that got up in the Restaurant to defend the red-head was being a bully in the same way. What makes her right? 
In reality…  The old lady should have gone to the restaurant manager.  Explain to the manager that the brats at the nearby table were loud and abusive and are ruining her dining experience.  It is then, the responsibility of the manager to step in and (if necessary), remove the bullies because they are effecting the established customers.  That’s the subtile way to handle it, and it’s usually the best way to make it work.  The red-head kid could’ve done the same thing.
Every kid on the planet has something they can be bullied about.  They’re  too tall, too short, too skinny, too fat,  zits, a weak eye, ugly hair cut… what ever it is, every kid has some target of bullying.  Hopefully, as the kid ages, maturity will take over and allow everyone to get over it.  It’s not up to the govt to establish a law to end bullying.  It’s up to us citizens to handle the matter and not let it get out of hand.
So, I put myself in that situation.  Instead of being another tough guy and jumping in the middle like another bully.  I’d approach the manager, point out the problem and ask him to resolve the issue by removing the thugs without making it look like the red head’s fault.  Tell them their being too noisy, whatever. Just throw them out!
In summary…  ABC thinks that airing a show like that will make everyone kinder.  They too are Jack Asses.  There will always be bullies. You can handle them with fists or intellect.  Some of them never mature and act that way all their lives.  Most of them do mature, grow up, raise families and then have to defend their kids from the next generation of bullies. 
One other thing.  Scott, the small person, actor in the first segment is an old acquaintance of mine.  When I knew him, he was just an elementary school kid and his mom was dating my best friend in upstate New York.  As a kid he was constantly dealing with bullies, but he realized it was something that would never go away.  He put his sense of dealing with it in his head and didn’t let it hold him back.  He wanted to be an actor and his hard headedness allowed him to do just that.  From what I’ve heard, Scott became an officer or maybe even the President of a nationwide association of small people. 
You can let something hold you back, or you can kick it in the teeth and move on.  That doesn’t make the bullying stop hurting.  It does help put it in its place and allows you to move on and get it out of your way.
Good luck in the future Scott.  Great seeing you on TV again! 

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