Not The R Word Again

From Fox News today…  They showed where a theater was showing a Tyler Perry movie.  In case you didn’t know, Tyler Perry is a very popular, dirty mouthed, black comedian.   He’s not popular with me because I resent profanity, rest room humor. 

Supposedly, at the start of the movie, there was an abnormally large number of  the audience using cell phones.  The theater manager (white) found that disturbing and made a public announcement that cell phone usage was not permitted during the movie.

This caused quite the outrage.  The audience began yelling and became very unruly.  Now, a few weeks later, a large number of those protesters are suing the theater claiming the manager was violating their civil rights.

Someone please explain to me how using a cell phone, or objecting to its usage is racist?   Fortunately, the last I heard was that a judge was throwing this asinine case out.  AMEN  to that!



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