Eat this…

Now, that used to be a popular phrase in High School.  Eating is a hobby of mine.  I’ve evidently been successful at it seeing that to accurately determine my weight, I have to go out to the highway, and get in line with the trucks.

Like most folks, I don’t want the First Lady dictating what I can and cannot eat.   I really get upset when I go to dinner at someone’s home and another guest blurts out “I’m a Vegan”.  Well great, why don’t you go back to your planet with Mr. Spock.  I know, that’s referring to Vulcan.  They’re both just a nerdy.  If someone wants to eat only vegetables or chocolate or cheese or clams or cotton balls, so be it.  That’s their choice.

If their stupidity causes them illness due to malnutrition, let them learn a lesson.  I roll my eyes using over used phrases, but I guess I’m a believer of “everything / anything in moderation”. 

You can’t tell me that the funny smelling vegetarian in the group (and most do give off a strange metallic scent), isn’t making a big issue of it, because of some shortcoming, like a personal, lifelong, identity crisis.

Earlier this week I learned that some liberal college is having “meatless Mondays”.  If I had a kid enrolled at that school, I’d be making some big noise (especially if my kid was on the daily meal plan).  You know what that costs in addition to the tuition. 

My kid would be forced to subscribe to the likes and dislikes of a small percentage of the population, in order to satisfy more PC crap!  Why not have MEAT DAY every Tuesday then?   Meat only, all Day! Vegans can go to the cafeteria on Vulcan or go graze on the beautiful campus.  Think of the energy savings all of you green idiots.   Here’s the story on Meatless Monday.



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