Voting at the polls

I can only assume, it must be this way at many polling places.  Recently, the Delmar, Delaware school district held a school board election.  As elections go, this was a rather boring election, even though the new blood won (out of the 2 candidates) , when it was over. 

Here’s what I experienced..  The polling place was held (as always) at the school board office, board room (where they hold their regular meetings).  There were a couple of voting machines.  With the machines, were at least 5 people to operate them.  If I remember correctly, less than 500 people voted all day.

With the exception of 2 poll employees,  they were mostly unfriendly and rude.  One of the 2 exceptions was a nice lady who sat closest to the door.  The other was a gentleman that assisted the voters into the machines and offered assistance (if needed) for how to operate the machines.  There were a row of tables with most of these employees sitting there trying to look busy. 

I can say, I have worked at a polling place several years ago. It was at the local fire house.   I was one of two males working there that day.  Most of the others were mean, older women, who grumbled and grunted at people all day long.  As I experienced it, it is a boring thankless job.  But, as jobs go, it did pay fairly well, in relation to what’s required.  And, people did provide decent food throughout the day. These old bags still work at this fire house, polling place.  It’s very unwelcoming.  Although this may seem crass, one of these woman has a severe hygiene (odor) problem.   This is just another reason to fulfill your constitutional right to vote.

Back to the School Board election..  One woman (second seat from the door) had her oversized butt slumped in a chair with her feet propped up in another chair, while she read a book.  As the first lady greeted me with “hi, can I see your photo ID”, the book-witch turned and gave me this look like “I’m trying to read here, you are bothering me” .  I was tempted to kick her chair out from under her rude butt.  The others appeared to just be bored to tears and didn’t know how to speak. 

I believe these polling place employees need some minor training in manners and how to treat their fellow citizens.  God forbid you ever interrupt their nap.



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