Yes, it matters what they say.

As a former broadcaster, it’s easy to pick up things said on TV and radio that I find extremely irritating.  20 or 30 years ago, I would brag about Baltimore’s TV stations.  I worked all over the country and rarely would I find a local TV market as sharp as that in Baltimore.  Sure, there’s a taste of prejudice there, but it was also a fact. 

Back then, the newscasts were written word by word.  Most of the newscasters and writers had a newspaper (writer’s) background.  The big league TV Reporters came from newspaper writing as well, including the incomparable, Edward R. Murrow.  They were word masters.  They had extensive vocabularies and knew how to use them. 

Today’s news is to appear hip.  It uses slang as if it’s 100% acceptable, when it isn’t.  More evidence of how today’s society continues to lower the bar.  It used to be, if and when a newscaster pre-read their material and came across a word with a tricky pronunciation, they’d check it in a dictionary.  If it was a colloquial term they would contact someone in that particular area and research it.  With today’s budgets and today’s less intelligent college grads, that’s too much work.   

Here’s some examples of  LIVE, ON AIR screw ups that never should’ve happened: 

Marianne Banister on WBAL 11  referring to the flooding spoke of  “Too- Neek-ah” (emphasis on neek), Mississippi  rather than Tune-ick-ah.  It’s spelled Tunica.  You’re probably saying “easy mistake”.  You’re right it is for an everyday person.  But, a broadcaster should know the difference.  I call it LAZY.

Rob Roblin  WBAL 11  reporting on a story about schools actually said the word “Kinnie-gar-din”  for kindergarten.  It should be pronounced just like it’s spelled…  kin-der-gar-ten.  Another lazy broadcaster.

Rod Daniels WBAL 11 Reporting about the Mississippi River flooding made the following statement:  “Tennessee is being devastated by flood waters for up to 40 miles, South of Memphis”.  Let’s look at a map Rod.  Memphis sits directly on the river.  The Southern city limit (border) of Memphis is up against the Northern border of the state of Mississippi.  Tennessee doesn’t exist South of Memphis.  Again you’re saying to yourself “easy mistake”.  It’s this stupidity in the media that has lowered the bar for the last 30 years that causes you to say “easy mistake”.  Instead the members of the media should be training themselves to project a little more intelligence.  That would allow them more respect from their audience.   



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