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Yes, I’m a foodaholic. We need to talk!

Eat this…

Now, that used to be a popular phrase in High School.  Eating is a hobby of mine.  I’ve evidently been successful at it seeing that to accurately determine my weight, I have to go out to the highway, and get in line with the trucks. Like most folks, I don’t want the First Lady dictating […]

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Another Stuperbowl

Isn’t it amazing, in less than 50 years our country developed another cultural holiday.  Superbowl Sundays are cause for more TV viewers (worldwide) than any other time around the year.  This includes “Rhoda’s Wedding” (just kidding).   The actual game has become almost secondary to all the partying, food, restaurants, and private events that dance around the […]

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Feed Me Now

I’m a big fan of “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” on the food network.  Have you seen the episode on the place that promotes a gigantic cheeseburger.  Only, instead of being on a normal bun or hamburger roll, each side of this hunk-o-meat is covered with a “grilled cheese sandwich”..  First off, try to get your […]

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Do You Buy Organic Foods?

I have a deal for you.  Since the 70’s I’ve heard about organic food and how it’s soooo much better for you, health wise.  I’ve always thought that it made no sense.  Another one of these meaningless issues for the modern hippies to toss around. This morning, John Stossel (a somewhat reputable reporter) appeared on […]

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