Big Pipes

I have had it up to here with all this sensationalized PRESS about the homeless guy with the great voice.  (Again, I’m not a racist / but I’m gonna say it)..  This would not be a news story if this guy wasn’t a minority. 

I know of two people in just my immediate area who worked in the radio business  and have been out of work for 2 or more years.  One of whom is living in a local shelter.  The broadcasting business has evolved into an awful environment.  With computerization, etc. , radio stations (in particular) need very few people to operate.  20 years ago, a basic radio station required a DJ for every shift, usually requiring 5 or more on the air staff.  Most would also have a news person or staff.  Today, one company owns several stations in a market.  They may have a total of 3 or 4 air staffers to run all the stations.  When you hear an announcer speak on the radio… most of the time it’s pre-recorded.  There are very few live programs.  Ever wonder why the weather forecasts are rarely correct?  It’s because they were recorded a day or so prior, with the announcer guessing at the forecast, that far in advance.

So why all the hoopla over this guy Ted Williams in Columbus, Ohio?  He is just one of many.  He’s supposedly getting a free house, a new job, and a new lease on life.  Good for him!  God Bless him!  But, my complaint is; he’s nobody special.  This is a publicity stunt for the organization(s) that found him.   He admits, he ended up on the street because of an alcohol problem. 

Damn, half the people I knew in the radio biz had that problem.  Sorry side to that story is that many of them, are the ones that got to keep their sorry jobs. 

Let’s wait 6 months, and see how Lucky Ted turns out.  I know in my heart that we are not hearing the entire story about this guy.  That story will never make it to U-Tube.  I hope it flushes out in the wash.  There are many more “great pipes” out of work, who are so much more deserving of these freebies and notoriety!   Sorry Ted, nothing against you personally.  But, you and I know we haven’t heard the entire story yet!



Happy New Year / World’s Worst Joke

I’m about to identify the World’s Worst Joke.  Sad thing is, just about everyone has used it more than once in their life time.  Many use it nearly annually.  What’s creepy is that it always gets a laugh, even though it may be the laugh of “Rainman”.  I guarantee you’ll hear it on TV and Radio.

Some use it as an ice breaker, as if you have nothing better to say at a party or family gathering.  Usually, when someone (including you), resorts to using this horrible excuse for humor, it is often followed by an annoying, grinding, mechanical sound.  That would be the sound of people rolling their eyes.  

I also guarantee that once I state the World’s Worst Joke, you may roll your eyes and possibly become violently ill as you agree with my opinion.  But, you know as well as me, you’ll hear it again and again, and probably repeat it someday.  When you do, you’ll just accept it as the typical, stupid side of human nature.  Sad but true!

Are you ready to start the new year with screams of laughter?  Then find a replacement for this. 

Here we go.  Let me set the proper scene.  Where you’ll most often hear or repeat this is usually during one of the following: 1. Last day of school before Christmas vacation, which is where I remember hearing and repeating it most often.  2. Last day of work before Christmas Holidays. 3. Christmas Holiday parties.

Due to work, school, or whatever,  you probably won’t meet again until after January 1st, someone (or you) will spout out this super humorous line:  “I guess I won’t see you until NEXT YEAR“, or “see ya’ NEXT YEAR“.

Honestly, does this make you cramp over with laughter?  Now you know the World’s Worst Joke.  Embarrassed, because you said it at a New Year’s Party? Don’t feel alone.  It was repeated by a zillion others. 

Now that this is behind us for another year, let’s think positive and make it a great 2011!


“Dennis, You’re On… Dennis, Dennis”

I’ve noticed something from Baltimore’s CBS, TV affiliate WJZ, Channel 13.  One of their longtime reporter’s Dennis Edwards hasn’t been filing reports as normal, in his arrogant, Super Fly style.

Edwards would’ve served better on radio.  On TV he seemed pompous but the reporting was usually thorough. 

I’ve just learned that Edwards left WJZ in 2009.

Here’s the shocker..  Watching WJZ last night, they had a story regarding Edwards, and it wasn’t pretty.  Evidently, he likes to rough up his wife.  What a tuff guy! Next thing we know, he’ll be signed to the Ravens.

You can read the story in-depth… CLICK HERE

There was a Dennis Edwards who sang with the Temptations, but not the same guy.


Another Raven

People often ask me why is it that I was a huge Baltimore Colts fan but I don’t support the Ravens.  As I’ve explained repeatedly, we’re in different times.  The football played by the BALTIMORE Colts and teams of that era was a different game and the players were true professionals. 

Today’s sports are heavily influenced by too much outside culture.  It’s the culture of uneducated trash.  It’s an insult to watch live or on TV.  I feel the same of people who loved to watch Jerry Springer and shows of that ilk.  It’s an insult to your intelligence, if you have any.  If  you have none, then jump right in, who cares. 

Look how many sports stars, especially NFL have had run ins with the law.  All this hype over Ray Lewis.  I can’t stand it.  Sure he got off in his trial.  But, who are you kidding.  Why is someone of that stature hangin’  with a bunch of trash, knife wielding thugs?  Now Michael Vick wants a dog.  Who are we kidding.  As if that’s not a PR stunt.  Do you really believe that Vick has (since his trial and jail ) never had contact with the thugs that surrounded him back in his dog killing daze?  Get out!  That trashy culture is in his system.  It’s what makes him tick. And.. Don’t try to tell me it’s a racial thing.  Some races appear to welcome that culture more than others.  But, not everyone in that race welcomes it.  Those are the few that seriously need to intervene and  clean that culture out of their racial backgrounds.  

I still have an attraction or temptation to watch football.  But as soon as I see the TV production people favoring Lewis or Vick on camera, I just cringe.  The media make heroes out of these putrid culture pigs.

Now we see another great member of the Ravens has been hit with a DUI.  The crime association to sports is beginning to be a badge of honor and that’s a damned shame!   (Gee, can you say the word shame?  Have the PC Police eliminated it from our American vocabulary?)


Over the Edge Blog

I just learned of a new humorous blog that’s (I guess you’d say), is over the edge.   Give it a look/see for yourself.  If nothing else, very clever…

For future reference, I’ve also listed it in my favorite blogs list.


Feed Me Now

I’m a big fan of “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” on the food network.  Have you seen the episode on the place that promotes a gigantic cheeseburger.  Only, instead of being on a normal bun or hamburger roll, each side of this hunk-o-meat is covered with a “grilled cheese sandwich”.. 

First off, try to get your mouth around that.  I love grilled cheese.  However, this must be embarrassing to eat in public.  What a Glutton!  “yeah, I’ll take one of those monster burgers with fries…  just serve it in a trough”..  Bring your own Rolaids.


Not Quite

The media is really getting on my nerves, as they constantly refer to this recent Congressional bill as the “Obama Tax Cut Bill”..  Since it is no such thing!  It’s an extension of the tax cuts originally started under “W”..  They’re attempt here is to muddy the waters, so that when the 2012 election comes around, those with less gray matter, will only remember “Obama Tax Cut Bill”…  It’s up to us main line conservatives to constantly remind those on the fence of the facts!


No I’m Not Jealous

This is the first thing someone says to me, whenever I voice this complaint.  Honestly, it’s not jealousy. 

As you know, I’m a big fan of Fox News. But, there’s one thing they’ve done recently that really gets under my skin.

As you’re aware, one of the morning hosts is Steve Doocey.  He has a good delivery and has that “morning guy personality”.  Sometimes, he does come across with a “know it all” attitude, which we could do without.

We see it often in show biz.  Such as the TV wiz  “Aaron Spelling”, known for his genius with many shows like the Love Boat.  His daughter Tori became a star over the past 20 (or so) years.  It wasn’t because of her looks, unless it was to land a role on “Spongebob Squarepants”.  There are many actors with more talent than her, appearing in any high school play. But because of her Daddy, she was swept to the top. 

On Fox News, we have a similar situation evolving.  In broadcasting, especially news, you have to cut your chops.  It takes years to develop a reputable delivery and not just be another news reader.  This kid of Doocey’s was dropped right in the mainstream of Fox reporting with his chops left in the car.  Listening to him is like having some punk from a local college radio station try to explain the past 20 years of politics, when he isn’t 20 years old.  It is God awful. 

I’m sure his proud papa wants to see him succeed, but damn Steve, get real.  Peter evidently just graduated from some college with his journalism or Mass Comm degree.  Whoooo.  That doesn’t instantly qualify him to go on the air, especially on a major news network.  This kicks the holy hell out of Fox’s credibility.  They’ve struggled a long time to live up to their “Fair & Balanced” motto.  Now with this, the competition has more ammo to fire over their deck(s). 

This BOY needs more time, working in small markets, in possibly radio and TV.  After a few years of getting down in the pits and understanding the realities of NEWS, he may be ready to climb up another rung on the ladder.

Another thing; don’t give me the come back of, “What about Fox’s Chris Wallace (Son of CBS reporter Mike Wallace). 

Chris Wallace didn’t just jump into network news.  He has a heavy resume going back as far as 1975 when he was a reporter for a local TV station.  He was fortunate to also have worked for ABC and NBC prior to Fox.  Chris Wallace has a reputable background and has earned his way to Fox News.  I’m sure the Wallace name didn’t hurt his climb to the top, but it wasn’t the only tool used to get to the top.  The Doocey kid doesn’t compare to this.   On air, he’s green and looks like a little boy doing the news on a home video camera. 

I really do like most of what Fox News presents.  However, the credibility is slowly being eroded away by inadequate reporters and their weak writing abilities.  A lot of the weak writing abilities appear on the scroll on the front screen.   If young Doocey wants to work, while cutting his chops, as a page or usher, fine, I’m sure he’s much more handy with a flashlight than what I’ve witnessed with pertinent news copy on a major network.


Good Christmas Idea


If you go to this website,    you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq . You can’t pick out who gets it, but it will go to a member of the armed services. 

How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send one!!!    It is FREE and it only takes a second. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the soldiers received a bunch of these?    Whether you are for or against the war, our soldiers over their need to know we are behind them. 

This takes just 10 seconds and it’s a wonderful way to say thank you.    Please take the time and please take the time to pass it on for others to do.  We can never say enough thank you’s. 

Thanks for taking to time to support our military!


Snowman: “Frosty The Racist”

In Hayden, Utah someone built a snowman.  Shall we say they sculpted a snowman.  This one is without the corncob pipe and the button nose.  He happens to be detailed as one of those ever so brave members of the KKK.

He stands complete, with a rope / noose.  Quite a scary sight.  Personally, I don’t like this any more than anyone else.  Thoughts of the KKK bring up thoughts of Senator Byrd of West Virginia, who was a former Klan Pombal!  I despise everything about the Klan.

Naturally, the towns people who live near this are a little upset. I would be too!  But let’s think about this.  Isn’t this protected free speech?  Why shouldn’t this Klan supporter be allowed to display this?  He SCULPTED it. Doesn’t that make it ART?   You know, like the famous “Christ In Piss” display.  A lot of the same people who defended that, are now up in arms over a simple snow man.  What goes around, comes around.  Read about “Frosty The Racist”.. CLICK HERE


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